Monday, April 22, 2013

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CONVOY - Members of the Crestview Board of Education heard two presentations Monday evening, including an update on the one-to-one computer program from Technology Coordinator Shane Leeth.
Leeth reported that the district is getting closer to a program that would match each student in grades 7-12 with a laptop or notebook computer.

There are many variables yet, and no decisions have been made. Leeth is meeting with tech representatives of other local school districts Tuesday to explore the idea of a consortium to get a better price.

"The point is, more than likely we will be involved in a one-on-one initiative next year for grades seven through twelve," stated Crestview Superintendent Mike Estes.

Leeth noted that this type of program would eliminate the need for three of the four computer labs in the high school. That equipment could then be transferred to the elementary grades.

The other presentation was from senior Tanner Skelton who toured Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. as a reward for his performance on an Americanism test. Skelton gave a power point presentation and took questions from the audience.

The board voted Monday night to accept the resignation of Linda McCann after 18 years as a teacher at Crestview, 19 years overall. New contracts were approved for Leeth, Lori Orsbon, Zachery Rosenbeck, and Becky Macki.

Certified contracts were awarded to Christine Albright, Kristy Bagley, Sarah Brenneman, Lindsay Ebbeskotte,  Christa Gasser, Colby Kuhn, Lindsey Martinez, Nehemiah Murphy, Hannah Phlipot, Steven Sealscott, James Lautzenheiser, Lindsey Newlove, Matt Perkins, Julie Schumm, Melissa Basinger, Jason Cross, Amy Roan, and Melissa Roop.

Classified contracts were approved for Jennifer Daugherty, Sandy Etzler, Janice Lichtensteiger, and Sara Owens.

Notice was also given that Owen Pugh is retiring and is seeking reemployment as a bus driver with Crestview for the 2013-14 school year. A public session will be held to consider local input at the May 20 board meeting. Action will be taken on the matter during the June board meeting.

May 6-10 was designated as Staff Appreciation Week.

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